53rd International Congress & Exposition on Noise Control Engineering

Welcome to Inter-Noise 2024
25-29 august 2024 | Nantes France

Welcome to inter·noise 2024

Important Announcements

Jules Verne, photo by Félix Nadar

Congress theme: from Jules Verne’s world to multi-disciplinary approaches for Acoustics & Noise Control Engineering

The technical program not only integrates sessions on the usual topics of Inter-Noise congresses but also gathers contents around the universe of Jules Verne, born in Nantes in 1828. His adventure novels, known throughout the world, evoke scientific progress and technological projections, giving rise to the science fiction genre. The multi-disciplinary vision built by Jules Verne, between literature and science, inspires us to introduce special contents in the program, allowing exchanges on the different forms of multi-disciplinary approaches in the noise control context.

These contents will typically consist of technical sessions, happenings and discussion workshops in order to raise awareness among scientists of the relevance of multi-disciplinary vision when considering a noise control problem. Multidisciplinary approaches provide keys to apprehend the sound challenges of the city of the future: sound impact of new sound sources and tomorrow’s transport modes, acoustic data representation and mapping, perception of soundscapes and their impact on uses and behaviors in urban areas, art and acoustics.

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Message from the Congress President: