53rd International Congress & Exposition on Noise Control Engineering

Program of Hybrid Poster & Online sessions

Poster & Online sessions will take place on the Mezzanine floor.

For details on how the hybrid sessions will run and instructions for presenters, visit the Session format & Guidelines webpage.

Hybrid Poster and Online sessionDateAttached sessions
Session P1: Acoustics and Vibration Engineering ScienceMon Aug 26, 08:00-09:40Session 1.1: Nonlinear Acoustics
Chair: Morvan OuisseSession 1.2: Sound Propagation in Heterogeneous Media
Session 1.4: Elastic & mechanical Metamaterials: Waves and Dynamics Session
Session 1.5: Acoustic Metamaterials & Phononic Materials
Session 2.1: Microphone Array Techniques
Session 2.2: Spatial Capture & Reproduction
Session 2.4: Measurement Standards
Session 2.5: Measurement Methods for Smart Cities and Noise Monitoring
Session P2: Modeling, Simulation and Experiments in Vibro-AcousticsMon Aug 26, 10:20-12:00Session 3.0: Modeling & Simulation Techniques: General
Chair: Morvan OuisseSession 3.1: Light Computational Models for Acoustics and Vibration Simulation
Session 3.2: Acoustics and Vibration modeling of Electrical Machines
Session 3.5: Data-driven and Machine Learning Methods for Modeling and Design in Acoustics & Vibration
Session 4.0: Vibro-acoustics & Structure-Borne Noise: General
Session 4.2: Experiments in Vibro-acoustics
Session 4.5: Passive Control of Noise & Vibration Using Acoustic Black Hole Effect
Session 19.3: Musical instruments: From Physics to Perception
Session P3: Sound Perception and SoundscapesMon Aug 26, 14:40-16:20Session 15.3: Environmental Impact Assessment
Chair: Sabine MeunierSession 15.5: Noise and Health
Session 16.6: Soundscapes from the Perspective of Arts/Human Sciences
Session 17.0: Perceptual Evaluation of Sounds and Product Noise: General
Session 17.2: Product Sound Quality
Session 17.4: Sound Design
Session 17.5: Perception and Sound Design for Electric Vehicles
Session 17.6: Psychological Evaluation of Transportation Noise: Train, Aircraft, and Road Traffic Noise
Session 19.3: Musical Instruments: From Physics to Perception
Session P4: Acoustics of Different SpacesMon Aug 26, 16:40-18:20Session 12.9: Acoustics of Hospital and Healthcare Spaces
Chair: Catherine LavandierSession 12.10: Acoustics of Education Spaces
Session 12.11: Acoustics of Workspaces
Session 12.12: Computational Tools for Room Acoustics Prediction
Session 12.13: Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning for Built Environment
Session P5: Building & Room AcousticsTue Aug 27, 08:00-09:40Session 12.0: Building & Room Acoustics: General
Chair: Catherine GuigouSession 12.2: Measurement and Prediction of Airborne and Impact Sound Insulation
Session 12.3: Measurement and Prediction of Sound Absorption in Reverberation Rooms
Session 12.4: Structure-borne Sound and Equipment Noise in Buildings
Session 12.5: Addressing Noise and Vibration Problems in Buildings
Session P6: Community Noise & HealthTue Aug 27, 10:20-12:00Session 15.0: Community Noise & Health: General
Chair: Catherine LavandierSession 15.1: Occupational Noise and Health
Session 15.2: Healthy Planning and Building
Session 15.4: Community Response to Noise
Session 15.6: Noise and Health in Children
Session P7: Signal Processing and Algorithms for Noise ControlTue Aug 27, 14:40-16:20Session 5.0: Signal Processing, Reproduction & Diagnostics: General
Chair: Kerem EgeSession 5.1: Spatial Audio
Session 5.2: Sound Reinforcement
Session 6.7: (Aero-)acoustic Material Design
Session 7.2: Signal Processing & Algorithms for Noise & Vibration Control
Session 7.3: New Applications of Active Control
Session P8: Aircraft Noise, Underwater Acoustics and Flow-induced Noise & VibrationsTue Aug 27, 16:40-18:00Session 8.1: Aircraft Interior Noise
Chair: Benoît GauvreauSession 8.3: Airport Noise
Session 10.1: Underwater Marine System Noise Radiation and Control
Session 10.2: Underwater Acoustic Propagation
Session 10.3: Target Detection & Classification
Session 11.0: Flow-induced Noise & Vibrations: General
Session 11.2: Numerical methods in Flow-induced Noise & Vibration
Session P9: SoundscapeWed Aug 28, 08:00-09:40Session 16.0: Soundscape: General
Chair: Sabine MeunierSession 16.1: Indoor Soundscaping
Session 16.2: Psychological and Physiological Evaluation in Soundscape Studiess
Session 16.5: Innovative and Multisensory Approaches in Soundscape Studies
Session 21.0: Noise Control & Social Sciences
Session P10: Ground Transportation NoiseWed Aug 28, 10:20-12:00Session 9.2: Acoustic Properties of Road Pavements
Chair: Kerem EgeSession 9.4: Vehicle Acoustics
Session 9.6: Noise Barriers and Noise Mitigation Methods
Session 9.11: Road Traffic Noise: calculation method
Session P11: Outdoor Propagation, Materials & Passive TreatmentsThu Aug 29, 08:00-09:40Session 13.0: Outdoor Sound Propagation: General
Chair: Catherine GuigouSession 13.1: Urban Sound Propagation
Session 13.2: Techniques and Applications of Infrasound Propagation
Session 13.3: Advances in Noise Mapping
Session 14.1: Absorption & Transmission of Biobased and Geobased Materials
Session 14.2: Acoustic Multi-dynamic Materials and Metamaterials
Session 14.3: Measurements and Characterization Methods for Acoustical Materials
Session P12: Railway Noise, Wind Turbine Noise and Biodiversity IssuesThu Aug 29, 10:20-12:00Session 9.5: Railway Noise: Detection, Mitigation and Modelling
Chair: Benoît GauvreauSession 9.9: Industrial Noise Control
Session 9.10: Wind Turbine Noise 
Session 18.2: Impacts of Transportation Noise on Biodiversity
Session 18.3: Ecoacoustics and Analysis of Soundscape