53rd International Congress & Exposition on Noise Control Engineering


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The technical program is focused on Noise and Vibration control engineering, including academic research as well as applied research to industrial, transportation, architectural and environmental contexts. The Inter-Noise 2024 program also includes multidisciplinary approaches related to noise impact on biodiversity, art & science, education & popularization of noise control, as well as noise control & social sciences.

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List of structured sessions

1. Physical Acoustics & Elastic Waves (Chairs: Vincent TOURNAT, Olga UMNOVA)

1.0. Physical Acoustics & Elastic Waves: General     (Chairs: Vincent TOURNAT, Olga UMNOVA)
1.1. Nonlinear Acoustics
1.2. Sound Propagation in Heterogeneous Media
1.3. Sound Interaction with Natural Media
1.4. Elastic & mechanical Metamaterials: Waves and Dynamics     (Chair: Zhaoyong SUN)
1.5. Acoustic Metamaterials & Phononic Materials     (Chairs: Bruno MORVAN, Liuxian ZHAO)

2. Measurement Methods (Chairs: Quentin LECLERE, Wan-Ho CHO)

2.0. Measurement Methods: General     (Chairs: Quentin LECLERE, Wan-Ho CHO)
2.1. Microphone Array Techniques     (Chairs: François OLLIVIER, Efren FERNANDEZ-GRANDE)
2.2. Spatial Capture & Reproduction     (Chairs: Pierre LECOMTE, Jung-Woo CHOI)
2.3. Measurement Instrumentation     (Chairs: Manuel MELON, Wan-Ho CHO)
2.4. Measurement Standards     (Chairs: Guillaume LEMAITRE, Triantafillos KOUKOULAS)
2.5. Measurement Methods for Smart Cities and Noise Monitoring     (Chairs: Lucille LAMOTTE, Douglas MANVELL)

3. Modeling & Simulation Techniques (Chairs: Jean-Daniel CHAZOT, Cheol-Ho JEONG)

3.0. Modeling & Simulation Techniques: General     (Chairs: Jean-Daniel CHAZOT, Cheol-Ho JEONG, Marcus MÄDER)
3.1. Light Computational Models for Acoustics and Vibration Simulation     (Chairs: Emmanuel PERREY-DEBAIN, Hadrien BERIOT)
3.2. Acoustics and Vibration Modeling of Electrical Machines     (Chairs: Vincent LANFRANCHI, Fabien CHAUVICOURT)
3.3. Numerical Methods for Nonlinear Applications in Vibro-Acoustics & Vibration     (Chair: Emeline SADOULET-REBOUL)
3.4. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for Diagnosis in Acoustics & Vibration     (Chairs: Mohamed ICHCHOU, Ines LOPEZ ORTEAGA)
3.5. Data-driven and Machine Learning Methods for Modeling and Design in Acoustics & Vibration     (Chairs: Rafael TELOLI, Nikolas BORREL JENSEN)
3.6. Acoustic Design using Optimization Methods     (Chairs: Olavo M. SILVA, Vicente CUTANDA HENRIQUEZ)

4. Vibro-acoustics & Structure-Borne Noise (Chairs: François GAUTIER, Stephen HAMBRIC)

4.0. Vibro-acoustics & Structure-Borne Noise: General     (Chairs: François GAUTIER, Stephen HAMBRIC)
4.1. Numerical Methods in Vibro-acoustics     (Chairs: Laurent MAXIT, Oriol GUASCH)
4.2. Experiments in Vibro-acoustics     (Chairs: Tyler DARE, Stephen HAMBRIC)
4.3. Use of Micro Perforated Panels in Vibro-acoustics     (Chairs: Cédric MAURY, Thomas DUPONT)
4.4. Inverse Problems in Vibro-acoustics     (Chairs: Mathieu AUCEJO, Nicolas TOTARO)
4.5. Passive Control of Noise & Vibration Using Acoustic Black Hole Effect     (Chairs: François GAUTIER, Wonju JEON)

5. Signal Processing, Reproduction & Diagnostics (Chairs: Jérôme ANTONI, Adam HILL)

5.0. Signal Processing, Reproduction & Diagnostics: General     (Chairs: Jérôme ANTONI, Adam HILL)
5.1. Spatial Audio
5.2. Sound Reinforcement
5.3. Audio Transducers

6. Aero- & Thermo-Acoustics (Chairs: Pierrick LOTTON, Randolph LEUNG)

6.0. Aero- & Thermo-Acoustics: General     (Chairs: Pierrick LOTTON, Randolph LEUNG)
6.1. Thermoacoustics & Combustion     (Chair: Pierrick LOTTON)
6.2. Thermoacoustic Engines     (Chair: Pierrick LOTTON)
6.3. Computational Methods in Flow-induced Noise & Vibration
6.4. Experiments in Flow-induced Noise & Vibration
6.5. Rotor & Turbomachinery Noise
6.6. Duct Aero-acoustics: Propagation and Noise Reduction in Industrial and Academical Problems     (Chairs: Thomas HUMBERT, Randolph LEUNG)
6.7. (Aero-)acoustic Material Design     (Chairs: Frank SIMON, Michael G. JONES)

7. Active Systems for Noise & Vibration Control (Chairs: Manuel COLLET, Woon-Seng GAN)

7.0. Active Systems for Noise & Vibration Control: General     (Chairs: Manuel COLLET, Woon-Seng GAN)
7.1. Hybrid Active-Passive Systems for Noise & Vibration Control     (Chairs: Simon CHESNE, Marek PAWELCZYK, Jonathan RODRIGUEZ)
7.2. Signal Processing & Algorithms for Noise & Vibration Control     (Chair: Bhan LAM)
7.3. New Applications of Active Control     (Chairs: Yann MEYER, Yoshinobu KAJIKAWA)
7.4. Artificial Intelligence for Active Systems in Noise & Vibration Control     (Chair: Dongyuan SHI)
7.5. Nonlinear Active Metamaterials     (Chairs: Emmanuel GOURDON, Alireza TURE SAVADKOOHI)
7.6. Active Metamaterials for Noise & Vibration Control     (Chairs: Hervé LISSEK, Felix LANGFELDT)

8. Aircraft Noise (Chairs: Frank SIMON, Sebastian GHINET)

8.0. Aircraft Noise: General     (Chairs: Frank SIMON, Sebastian GHINET)
8.1. Aircraft Interior Noise     (Chairs: Frank SIMON, Sebastian GHINET)
8.2. Aircraft Exterior Noise     (Chair: Guillaume DAVILLER)
8.3. Airport Noise     (Chairs: Emmanuel JULLIARD, Idvar Ludvig NILSEN GRANØIEN, Naoaki SHINOHARA)
8.4. Advanced Monitoring & Measurement
8.5. Supersonic Aircraft Noise     (Chair: Lothar BERTSCH)
8.6. Urban Air Mobility Noise     (Chairs: Romain GOJON, Roalt AALMOES)

9. Ground Transportation and Industrial Noise and Vibration (Chairs: Arnaud DUVAL, Wolfgang KROPP)

9.0. Ground Transportation and Industrial Noise and Vibration: General     (Chairs: Arnaud DUVAL, Wolfgang KROPP)
9.1. Measurement Methods for Tire/Road Noise     (Chairs: Fabienne ANFOSSO-LEDEE, Ulf SANDBERG)
9.2. Acoustic Properties of Road Pavements     (Chairs: Fabienne ANFOSSO-LEDEE, Ulf SANDBERG)
9.3. Acoustic Properties of Tires for Exterior Noise     (Chairs: Stuart BOLTON, Rui CAO, Wolfgang KROPP)
9.4. Vehicle Acoustics     (Chairs: Pascal BOUVET, Arnaud DUVAL)
9.5. Railway Noise: Detection, Mitigation and Modelling     (Chairs: Haike BRICK, Olivier CHIELLO, Jannik THEYSSEN)
9.6. Noise Barriers and Noise Mitigation Methods     (Chairs: Massimo GARAI, Jean-Pierre CLAIRBOIS)
9.7. Auralisation of Transportation Noise     (Chairs: Julien MAILLARD, Wolfgang KROPP)
9.8. Vibration from Ground Transportation: Sources and Propagation     (Chairs: Pierre ROSPARS, Xiaozhen SHENG)
9.9. Industrial noise control     (Chairs: Isabelle SCHMICH, Carl-Christian HANTSCHK)
9.10. Wind Turbine Noise     (Chairs: David ECOTIERE, Franck BERTAGNOLIO)
9.11. Road Traffic Noise: calculation method     (Chairs: Bruno VINCENT, Laura ESTEVEZ)

10. Underwater, Ship & Offshore Acoustics (Chairs: Valentin MEYER, Joe CUSCHIERI)

10.0. Underwater, Ship & Offshore Acoustics: General     (Chairs: Valentin MEYER, Joe CUSCHIERI)
10.1. Underwater Marine System Noise Radiation and Control     (Chairs: Valentin MEYER, Joe CUSCHIERI)
10.2. Underwater Acoustic Propagation     (Chairs: Simon BERNARD, Aleksander KLAUSON)
10.3. Target Detection & Classification     (Chairs: Corentin COGUENANFF, Paul LEPPER, Geunhwan KIM)

11. Flow-induced Noise & Vibrations (Chairs: Laurent MAXIT, Carsten SPEHR)

11.0. Flow-induced Noise & Vibrations: General     (Chair: Laurent MAXIT)
11.1. Experiments in Flow-induced Noise & Vibration     (Chairs: Jacques-André ASTOLFI, Carsten SPEHR)
11.2. Numerical methods in Flow-induced Noise & Vibration     (Chair: Vincent CLAIR)
11.3. Rotor & Turbomachinery Noise     (Chair: Benjamin COTTE)
11.4. Control of Flow Noise     (Chair: Gwenael GABARD)

12. Building & Room Acoustics (Chairs: Carl HOPKINS, Jeffrey MAHN)

12.0. Building & Room Acoustics: General     (Chairs: Carl HOPKINS, Jeffrey MAHN)
12.1. Requirements, Classification Schemes & Standards in Building Acoustics     (Chairs: Birgit RASMUSSEN, Chiara SCROSATI)
12.2. Measurement and Prediction of Airborne and Impact Sound Insulation     (Chairs: Edwin REYNDERS, Stefan SCHOENWALD)
12.3. Measurement and Prediction of Sound Absorption in Reverberation Rooms     (Chairs: Amandine MAILLET, John DAVY)
12.4. Structure-borne Sound and Equipment Noise in Buildings     (Chairs: Berndt ZEITLER, Teresa CARRASCAL)
12.5. Addressing Noise and Vibration Problems in Buildings     (Chair: Matthew GOLDEN)
12.6. Low-frequency Measurements and Uncertainty for Building Noise     (Chairs: Sunit GIRDHAR, Volker WITTSTOCK)
12.7. Acoustics of Wooden Buildings     (Chairs: Jean-Luc KOUYOUMJI, Federica MORANDI)
12.8. Low-carbon Acoustic Treatments and Design Solutions     (Chairs: Jonathan BROYLES, Tony LETHULLIER)
12.9. Acoustics of Hospital and Healthcare Spaces     (Chairs: Pyoung Jik LEE, Simone CONTA)
12.10. Acoustics of Education Spaces     (Chairs: Arianna ASTOLFI, James WHITLOCK)
12.11. Acoustics of Workspaces     (Chairs: Valtteri HONGISTO, Marcos HOLTZ)
12.12. Computational Tools for Room Acoustics Prediction     (Chairs: Maarten HORNIKX, Albert PRINN)
12.13. Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning for Built Environment     (Chairs: Semiha YILMAZER, Volkan ACUN)
12.14. Façade Insulation using Partially Open Windows for Natural Ventilation     (Chairs: Lars SOMMER SØNDERGAARD, Jack HARVIE-CLARK)

13. Outdoor Sound Propagation (Chairs: Didier DRAGNA, Maarten HORNIKX)

13.0. Outdoor Sound Propagation: General     (Chairs: Didier DRAGNA, Maarten HORNIKX)
13.1. Urban Sound Propagation     (Chairs: Maarten HORNIKX, Timothy VAN RENTERGHEM)
13.2. Techniques and Applications of Infrasound Propagation     (Chairs: Roger WAXLER, Alexis LE PICHON)
13.3. Advances in Noise Mapping     (Chairs: Gaetano LICITRA, Romain RUMPLER)

14. Materials & Passive Treatments (Chairs: Luc JAOUEN, Rodolfo VENEGAS)

14.0. Materials & Passive Treatments: General     (Chairs: Luc JAOUEN, Rodolfo VENEGAS)
14.1. Absorption & Transmission of Biobased and Geobased Materials     (Chairs: Philippe GLE, Camille PERROT)
14.2. Acoustic Multi-dynamic Materials and Metamaterials     (Chairs: Théo CAVALIERI, Jacques CUENCA)
14.3. Measurements and Characterization Methods for Acoustical Materials     (Chairs: Mélanie NOLAN, Eric BRENDAO)
14.4. Computational Methods for Acoustic Materials & Sound Packages     (Chairs: Benoit NENNIG, Elke DECKERS)
14.5. Visco-elasticity of Materials     (Chairs: Thomas WEISSER, Jean-François DEU)

15. Community Noise & Health (Chairs: Irene van KAMP, David MICHAUD)

15.0. Community Noise & Health: General     (Chairs: Irene van KAMP, David MICHAUD)
15.1. Occupational Noise and Health     (Chairs: Patrick CHEVRET, Hugues NELISSE)
15.2. Healthy Planning and Building     (Chairs: Trond MAAG, Jordan LACEY)
15.3. Environmental Impact Assessment     (Chairs: Norm BRONER, Jean SIMON)
15.4. Community Response to Noise     (Chairs: Dirk SCHREKENBERG, Makoto MORGINAGA)
15.5. Noise and  Health     (Chairs: Danielle VIENNEAU, Elise VAN KEMPEN)
15.6. Noise and Health in Children     (Chairs: Jan SPILSKII, Ma HUI)
15.7. Implementation of Sound Policy in Emerging and Developing Countries     (Chairs: Thu Lan NGUYEN, Sonja JERAM)

16. Soundscape (Chairs: Francesco ALETTA, Papatya Nur DOKMECI YORUKOGLU)

16.0. Soundscape: General     (Chairs: Francesco ALETTA, Papatya Nur DOKMECI YORUKOGLU)
16.1. Indoor Soundscaping     (Chairs: Papatya Nur DOKMECI YORUKOGLU, Simone TORRESIN)
16.2. Psychological and Physiological Evaluation in Soundscape Studies     (Chairs: Massimiliano MASULLO, Manish MANOHARE)
16.3. Soundscape Policies and Standards     (Chairs: Brigitte SCHULTE-FORKAMP, André FIEBIG)
16.4. Soundscape Design Interventions     (Chairs:Cleopatra MOSHONA, Cyntia TARLAO, Keely SIEBEIN)
16.5. Innovative and Multisensory Approaches in Soundscape Studies     (Chairs: PJ Lee, Bhan LAM, Tin OBERMAN)
16.6. Soundscapes from the Perspective of Arts/Human Sciences     (Chairs: Christine GUILLEBAUD, Sanne KROGH GROTH)
16.7. Machine Learning for Acoustic Scene Understanding     (Chairs: Jakob ABESSER, Sebastian STOBER)

17. Perceptual Evaluation of Sounds and Product Noise (Chairs: Ercan ALTINSOY, Masayuki TAKADA)

17.0. Perceptual Evaluation of Sounds and Product Noise: General     (Chairs: Ercan ALTINSOY, Masayuki TAKADA)
17.1. Psychological and Physiological Evaluation of Product Noise     (Chairs: Etienne PARIZET, André FIEBIG, Katsuya YAMAUCHI)
17.2. Product Sound Quality     (Chairs: Ercan ALTINSOY, Masayuki TAKADA)
17.3. Information Technology Equipment and Household Appliance Noises     (Chairs: Serkan ATAMER, Junji YOSHIDA, Roland SOTTEK)
17.4. Sound Design     (Chairs: Stephan TÖPKEN, Ercan ALTINSOY, Roland SOTTEK)
17.5. Perception and Sound Design for Electric Vehicles     (Chairs: Ramón PERAL ORTS, Katsuya YAMAUCHI)
17.6. Psychological Evaluation of Transportation Noise: Train, Aircraft, and Road Traffic Noise     (Chairs: Guillaume LEMAITRE, Ercan ALTINSOY, Roland SOTTEK)
17.7. Combined Exposure to Vibration and Noise: Annoyance Perception, Cognitive Performance, Interaction and Design     (Chairs: Etienne PARIZET, Ercan ALTINSOY)
17.8. Impulsive Sound     (Chairs: Mattias TRIMPOP, Frits VAN DER EERDEN)
17.9. Data Sonification

18. Noise & Impacts on Biodiversity (Chairs: Charlotte CURE, Olivier ADAM)

18.0. Noise & Impacts on Biodiversity: General     (Chairs: Charlotte CURE, Olivier ADAM)
18.1. Impacts of Noise Generated by Renewable Energy on Biodiversity    (Chairs: Cécile VINCENT, Gaëtan RICHARD)
18.2. Impacts of Transportation Noise on Biodiversity   (Chairs: Vincent MEDOC, Eric BAUDIN)
18.3. Ecoacoustics and Analysis of Soundscape    (Chair: Flore SAMARAN)

19. Art, Music & Science (Chair: Jean-Baptiste DOC)

19.0. Art, Music & Science: General     (Chairs: Jean-Baptiste DOC, Vasileios CHATZIIOANNOU)
19.1. Modeling, Numerical Methods and AI     (Chair: Jean-François PETIOT)
19.2. Vibration and Acoustic Measurements of Musical and Sound Sources     (Chair: Vincent FREOUR)
19.3. Musical instruments: From Physics to Perception     (Chairs: Vincent KOEHL, Bruno GAZENGEL)

20. Education & Popularization (Chairs: Olivier ROBIN, Luc JAOUEN)

20.0. Education & Popularization: General     (Chairs: Olivier ROBIN, Luc JAOUEN)
20.1. Innovative Classroom Teaching Materials: Web-based, Interactive Supports, Demonstrations, Comics, Videos     (Chairs: Luc JAOUEN, Stephen HAMBRIC)
20.2. Experiential and/or Out-of-the-classroom Teaching Approaches: Mobile teaching, Flipped Classroom, Project-based Learning     (Chair: Olivier ROBIN)
20.3. General Public Initiatives: Art, Exhibitions, University Open House, Events     (Chairs: Alice DISENMEYER, Gérald ESTADIEU)

21. Noise Control & Social Sciences (Chairs: Chiara VISENTIN, Catherine GUASTAVINO)

21.0. Noise Control & Social Sciences: General     (Chairs: Chiara VISENTIN, Catherine GUASTAVINO)
21.1. Non Auditory Effects of Noise Exposure on Communication and Performance     (Chair: Chiara VISENTIN)

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