53rd International Congress & Exposition on Noise Control Engineering

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The industrial exhibition will be in the heart of the Inter-Noise 2024 congress, located in the Great Hall of La Cité Nantes Congress Centre, the nerve center of the congress. The exhibition accommodates booths of 9 m² to ensure premium comfort for exhibitors and attendees. It can also provide 18 m² booths for exhibitors wishing to increase their visibility.

For increased interaction, coffee breaks and lunch time will take place in the heart of the exhibition.

We believe that the know-how of the manufacturers should be an integral part of the programme of this Noise Control Engineering event. This approach will be reflected in the possibility of reserving  exhibitor workshops scheduled at dedicated times that do not overlap with the scientific conferences.

It is also our intention to make it possible for acoustic consultants and local noise officers in cities to register for one day at a preferential rate, with access to the exhibition forum only.

Furthermore, a PhD market will give you the opportunity to participate in a job dating session with pre-collection of CVs and fixed time slots.


Several sponsorship formulas are available, allowing your company to choose the best opportunity to strengthen its communication.

For detailed information on the Exhibition & Sponsorship offer, please download the Partnership brochure.

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Platinum sponsors

For more than 40 years we have been designing and manufacturing class-leading multi-parameter environmental monitoring solutions. We offer our global customers a complete range of integrated measurement technologies and services, ensuring that your data is always accurate and your equipment operates with maximum efficiency.

Committed to protecting our environment, ACOEM offers products and services to monitor, analyze and reduce environmental pollution such as noise, vibration and air quality.

Thus, our devices ACT, FUSION, CUBE, ORION dedicated to measuring noise and vibration connected to our data management platform CADENCE enable an intelligent data analysis and help our customers make decisions to reduce their environmental impact.

Gold sponsors

AMC-MECANOCAUCHO, established in 1969, specializes in the design and production of anti-vibration mounts, structure-borne noise insulation systems, and noise insulation composites for both industrial and building applications. With a team of highly skilled engineers located in different countries, AMC is well-equipped to understand your unique needs and offer tailored solutions. Our products are designed to meet the specific requirements of each project by combining the properties of various isolating materials, including rubber, metal, springs, and Sylomer. Our dedicated engineering team is readily available to provide technical support, including assistance with vibration calculations and product recommendations. You can access a wealth of technical data and calculation tools on our website, akustik.com, including our acoustic mount selector. This tool allows you to input your system specifications and receive recommendations for acoustic hangers, wall ties, and floor mounts that best suit your project’s needs. We also provide access to our library of acoustic test data through our Akustik dB finder tool, which outlines the acoustic data we’ve collected for different ceiling, wall, and floor systems. With a diverse clientele from around the world, we are fully prepared to deliver a customized acoustic solution for your particular challenge.

CDM Stravitec is a cutting-edge company specializing in Structural Acoustics & Vibration Isolation Technology, providing innovative solutions for noise and vibration control in various applications. As a specialized firm, we excel in the design, production, and implementation of noise and vibration isolation systems, ensuring optimal performance and enhanced comfort for our clients.

NTi Audio AG is a leading manufacturer of measurement solutions for environmental noise assessment and monitoring, building and room acoustics, pro audio and vibration applications. With headquarters in Liechtenstein, our goal is to provide complete solutions for environmental noise assessment, for instance construction sites, airports, live sound venues and sports arenas, available as permanent installations as well as portable kits. Our dedicated systems for environmental noise, room and building acoustics, and post processing software allow acoustic consultants analysing and reporting efficiently. We also supply instruments for testing public address systems in safety-critical environments and evacuation systems using STIPA analysis.

SVANTEK is a leading manufacturer of sound and vibration measurement instrumentation and software for professional use in the field of occupational noise, human vibrations, environmental noise monitoring, and building and ground vibrations. With quality and technical excellence at the heart of the company’s concept, our noise and vibration monitors are second to none. We understand our clients’ needs and strive to ensure that our products meet both current and future market demands at SVANTEK. As a result, our equipment has the most outstanding reputation for its breakthroughs, and our SVANTEK team, which includes acousticians and vibroacoustic specialists, guarantees the finest technical support.

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