53rd International Congress & Exposition on Noise Control Engineering

Sponsorship & Exhibition

General terms & conditions

ART. 1 – GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS: The sponsor or exhibitor is willing to accept with no reserve the terms of the present rules and regulations of VERT COM and the provisions of public law applicable to events organized in France. They shall accept all new measures generated by circumstance or for the event benefit that the organizer reserves the right to indicate, even orally.

ART. 2 – ADMISSIONS: The reservation requests signed by the exhibitor will not be valid unless drawn up on the official reservation forms provided by VERT COM. The reservation forms should be sent by email to: partnership@internoise2024.fr

The applications will be submitted to the Organizing Committee who will decide on the outcome after examination. In case of refusal, the organizing committee will not have to justify the decision notified to the applicant. In no case whatsoever will the applicant have the right to request compensation for refusal on grounds that he was invited to apply by the Organizing Committee.

ART. 3 – PAYMENT: All reservations will require a deposit representing 50 % of the total reservation fees, tax included. The difference must be paid 30 days after invoicing date. For any reservation made after 31/03/2024, the total reservation fee is due on reservation. In accordance with the deadlines of the rules here above and payment deadlines law, any delay in payment will give rise to the automatic application of late payment charges whose rates amount to 1,5 times the legal interest rate.

ART. 4 – CANCELLATION: If the stand is not entirely paid for prior to the beginning of the conference, the Organizing Committee will not be liable to refund the amounts already paid. In case of cancellation by an exhibitor prior to 31/03/2024, the organizer will retain 50% of the total amount of the invoice as compensation. For any cancellation request occurring from 30/06/2024 onwards, the entire amount of the invoice will be due and will be retained as a compensation for contract breach. If the entire reservation fees haven’t been paid at least 30 days prior to the date of the event, the exhibitor will not have the possibility to choose the location of their stand. If the total reservation fees haven’t been paid at least 15 days prior to the event, VERT COM reserves the right to refuse the exhibitor’s access to the event.

ART. 5 – SUBLEASE: The admission certificate is personal, incommunicable and inalienable. It is strictly forbidden for the exhibitors to sublease or share in return of remuneration or for free a part or their entire stand.

ART. 6 – OCCUPATION OF EXHIBITION SPACES: The exhibition plan is drawn up by the Organizing Committee. The allocation of spaces is made by VERT COM in collaboration with the Organizing Committee while taking into account the reservations’ order of arrival. After the allocation, no change can be made without written approval by VERT COM.

VERT COM reserves the right to modify as many times as it deems necessary, the location, the size and the layout of the requested spaces by the exhibitor. If the Organizing Committee is compelled to partially change the layout or set ups, no claim will be acceptable and the exhibitors undertake to abide by the decisions taken. For any dispute, only the Tribunals of Paris are competent. The allocated spaces shall be occupied by the exhibitor from 26/08/2024; otherwise, they will be considered vacant and could be allocated without any compensation or refund that the failing exhibitor might request.

ART. 7 – RULES AND SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS: A technical file for the exhibitor will be sent at a later date to the company reserving a stand. This file will include all the stands layout and furniture renting rules as well as the safety regulations and information on all necessary services (telephone, maintenance, storage, customs clearance…) the exhibitors, their employees and subcontractors engage themselves to respect and abide by the rules of the Congress Center and the instructions specified in the technical file.

More generally, the exhibitors shall abide by the laws and regulations applying to fairs and exhibitions as well as the safety measures decreed by the Prefecture. More particularly, they shall abide by the regulations and safety instructions of the Congress Center. The exhibitors are liable for the material they exhibit as well as the one they will rent or set up at their stand.

ART. 8 – EXCLUSIVITY: The reservation and rental of a stand or advertising space compel the exhibitor not to organize or privilege, any meetings or gatherings on the conference topics that hadn’t been declared or authorized by the Organizing Committee.

ART. 9 – DISTRIBUTION OF DOCUMENTS: Distribution of advertisements or tracts is only permitted on the stand.

ART. 10 – RIGHTS AND LIABILITIES OF THE ORGANISER: The organizer will have the right to decide on all unforeseen matters in this present regulatory document. All its decisions will be taken with no possible recourse and shall be immediately implemented.

Any breach of any one clause of this present document shall give rise to immediate, temporary or definitive exclusion of the failing exhibitor with no possibility for the latter to claim any refund or compensation. The organizer shall have total freedom to decide accordingly.

This shall occur also in case of no-respect of the terms and conditions article 3: the organizer will send the debtor a legal notice with acknowledgement of receipt. In case of non-payment within 15 days by the debtor, the contract will be cancelled. The organizer shall not be held liable for a small number of registered delegates or any lack of interest for the whole conference.

ART. 11 – CANCELLATION OF THE EVENT: In case of force majeure, the dates of the conference and the exhibition could be changed or simply cancelled. In this case the available amounts after payment of the expenses incurred will be shared between the exhibitors on a pro rata basis with no possibility of recourse against the organizer.

ART.12 – DISPUTES: In case of dispute, only the Tribunals of Paris are competent.