53rd International Congress & Exposition on Noise Control Engineering

One-Day Exhibition Visitor Pass

The One-Day Exhibition Visitor pass is exclusively intended for staff from local authorities, engineering offices, companies, etc… who wish to meet exhibitors at Inter-Noise 2024 and have no interest in attending conferences and other scientific components of the congress. Usual congress delegates (Regular or Student) who wish to fully participate in the congress must register according to the instructions on the Registration page.

The One-Day Exhibition Visitor pass includes:

  • Access only to the exhibition and exhibitor workshops on the day of booking
  • Coffee breaks and lunch during the day of booking

The pass is valid only on the day of booking (a second one-day pass granting access for a second day is not allowed for a single person).

Please be aware that the One-Day Exhibition Visitor pass does not provide access to technical sessions, keynotes, and other events, nor to congress proceedings and additional online content.

Visitor pass booking

The One-Day Exhibition Visitor pass is available at the unique rate of 150 €.